Resources For Day Camps &

Residential Camps

Model Abuse Prevention Policies 

As a YMCA you have access to model policies that set the stage for safe environments by defining acceptable and unacceptable staff and volunteer conduct. Policies also facilitate effective monitoring and supervision by helping others to recognize and act when they see policy violations.  

Screening & Selection Toolkit

As a YMCA, you have access to Praesidium’s Screening and Selection Toolkit, which provides you with tools to effectively screen and select staff and volunteers who work with vulnerable populations. Screening and selection are your Y’s first line of defense in abuse risk management. 

Armatus Online Training

The Armatus® Learn to Protect System is a comprehensive system based on learning theory and best practices in adult learning and will help build and sustain a culture of safety in your summer camp. Our online training is available to your YMCA at no cost, get your YMCA set up with access now. 

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Take Advantage of These Additional Resources

Minimum Training Recommendations for Summer Camp

Review Praesidium’s minimum training recommendations to efficiently prepare your seasonal staff for the challenges of summer camp.

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Methods for Maintaining Ongoing Awareness of Abuse Prevention Throughout the Summer

Developing an ongoing training schedule increases implementation and effectiveness of training; this ongoing process can be maintained through simple yet effective methods. Praesidium developed a practical, cost-effective list of strategies to help keep your summer camp employees aware of abuse risk and prevention. 

Monitoring and Supervising for Safety while Practicing Social Distancing 

Effective monitoring and supervision of all staff, volunteers, on- and off-site program activities, and program locations will help ensure everyone's safety, even under unusual circumstances. Consider how social distancing will affect staff and program observations, group and individual supervision, and training. Be ready for inconsistencies that may arise from returning staff operating under previous polices, in addition to new staff and consumers who may be less familiar overall with your camp's policies and procedures.

Facility Monitoring Checklist

The most incidents of sexual behavior occur in private, the extent to which privacy is managed, the risk is managed.  In order to ensure that all the locations are properly and consistently monitored, designate a staff member to complete a site inspection checklist. Start with this sample and edit, as necessary.

Praesidium’s Access, Privacy and Control Quick Check

This quick check is designed to help reduce an offender’s opportunity to gain access, privacy, and control at your Y. It can also be used to identify situations where one youth could be alone with another youth in the Y facility.

Praesidium’s YMCA Helpline

Download this flyer and place in easily accessible areas for staff and volunteers. The download describes how to make an anonymous call to the Y Helpline for confidential, expert consultation for abuse prevention questions and issues.

Mandated Reporting Information

Visit for a complete listing of each state's reporting requirements and the available reporting methods.

Parent Resources

Providing parents with resources on how to talk to their youth about abuse is always a great practice. View the link to the right that includes a breakdown of resources based on the youths' age.

You Might Be Wondering

Who is Praesidium?  

Praesidium is the national leader in abuse risk management of sexual abuse of vulnerable populations. With more than 25 years of experience, and serving thousands of clients, our dedicated team of researchers, psychologists, attorneys, social workers, and human resources professionals have analyzed thousands of cases of abuse and synthesized the latest scientific research. We know how abuse happens in organizations and more importantly, how to prevent it.

What is Praesidium's approach to managing the risk of abuse in clients' organizations?  

Praesidium uses a systems-based approach created from the scientific research of thousands of reported incidents of abuse. This analysis identified that the root-causes of incidents fall into one or more of eight organizational operations which, taken together, comprise Praesidium’s Safety Equation®. We help our clients implement best practice standards in each of the eight operations to close gaps, decrease risks, and creates safer environments within their organizations. 

Abuse Is Preventable

Praesidium is dedicated to helping our clients fulfill their mission safely, whether they are just getting started in their abuse prevention efforts, focused on the compliance aspects of risk management, or are committed to creating a culture of safety with years of experience. We work with clients across the spectrum.

 If you're not sure what your next step is to preventing abuse, contact us today.  

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